Ensure you have a connected business


Leveraging our extensive experience in remote working scenarios and the creation of cloud based virtual infrastructure, we have created this guide to provide the top 10 considerations and sample questions we are asking our partners and their clients to help them get prepared.

Are you remote ready?

How can partners support their clients when they can't even enter the building?

You likely have Business Continuity plans in place to deal with various scenarios such as mass transit incidents, data centre outages, building incidents and maybe even epidemics which impact a percentage of staff. Have you considered plans for a pandemic which has the potential for all employees in a location or perhaps country needing to be isolated from congregating and forced to work remotely?

Traditional plans typically address a disaster affecting one location and often plan for only critical employees being enabled to work. This may include them working from a different office, leveraging colocation facilities or working from home. These approaches work for isolated incidents and are often based on relatively short-term scenarios targeted at fewer individuals. In the event of a pandemic everything changes.

Have confidence in your Business Continuity Plan

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Ronnie Altit

CEO and Co-Founder

An experienced IT professional with a background in accounting and over 30 years experience working in Sydney, Hong Kong and Singapore running APAC infrastructure teams and as a previous Australian CIO, Ronnie - Insentra Co-Founder - leads the company on its journey to be the number one Channel services company on the planet.