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Faster. Easier. Better. Insentra automates your data migration whilst ensuring that your data is always accounted for and correctly migrated to your new platform. By deploying Insentra’s Migration Services, you can be assured that you will successfully reach your new destination.

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A Journey of Terabytes
TGM Penguin

Tenant to Tenant Migrations

When it's time to move, it's time to move. As a well-oiled machine of nature, Emperor Penguins know that when it's time to change their patch of ice, they get the job done. Whether it be from mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, this service enables customers to quickly and easily move from one Office 365 tenant to another

TGM Wildebeest2.png

Live and Archive Email Migrations

Every year millions of wildebeest migrate on a massive journey across thousands of kilometers of African land. Here at Insentra, we're ready to smoothly move your wildebeest, and that means you need our migration services practice. Insentra can and will automate your client's email archive migration to Office 365.

Insentra has successfully completed over 500 migrations spanning 13 countries for organisations smaller than 50 seats to over 100,000 seats. Working together with you, we will do the heavy lifting helping you to focus on business outcomes rather than data migration. Find out more here.

TGM Blue Whale2.png

PST Consolidations

At up to 150,000 kilograms blue whales weigh in as the largest mammal on earth. Their migration takes them across our oceans in search of millions of krill to snack on.

Your organisation's ocean is likely filled with legacy Personal Storage Files (PSTs) and trying to imagine just how many files need to be migrated, and the best approach to consolidate all this data can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Insentra’s automated PST consolidation service delivers an end-to-end solution empowering you to catch the krill, regain control of your data, control cost and meet legal requirements.

TGM Butterfly2.png

File Archive Migrations

When Monarch butterflies embark on their migration, they reproduce for several generations before finally arriving at their destination. We eliminate the complexity of your migration with Enterprise Vault File System Archive, a system developed to assist organisations control the continuous growth of file servers, and the need to keep data for a specified period of time, or regulatory compliance.

With our partner specialised File Archive solutions, and our tried and tested methodology, you'll get your files to the right destination a whole lot easier than the Monarch butterfly!

TGM Hummingbird2.png

Centera Migrations

At 200 wing-flaps a second, speed and precision is the hummingbird way when it comes time to migrate. Our Centera migration service is designed around agility, developed to expedite the migration process for organisations who are left scratching their heads on how to migrate across or out of Centera devices once they have reached the end of their service life.

Insentra can migrate from your current Centera device to a newer generation Centera, or to an alternative storage platform (such as Atmos, VNX etc.).We develop a migration road map, keep you informed every step of the way, and before we start migrating your data we gather, plan, confirm, and test to ensure our recommended approach will provide you with the speed and precision you expect from the best.

We've Migrated over 8 Petabytes of data!

Including over 4PBs of archive data moved into Exchange/Exchange Online, that alone is approximately 47 billion messages migrated into Exchange/Exchange Online.

Big or small Insentra is ready to help your business safely and efficiently migrate data. We love to be challenged, Insentra have successfully migrated over 600TBs of data to Office 365 in just one project. The bigger, the better!

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Protect your Data and Stay Compliant

Whether it’s adhering to strict industry regulations or following internal data retention policies our automated File Archive Migration service ensures that you remain compliant on all fronts.

Feel assured that your data will be protected against human error, corruption and deletion when you deploy our services. Our methodology paired with our partners toolsets ensures that your File Archive data will be successfully migrated.

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Start your Great Migration

Like any project we undertake, we begin by listening to your project requirements as well as any other inter-dependencies or overarching business needs.

We then develop a migration road map with realistic and agreed milestones. Upon migration commencement, we gather, plan, confirm, test and re-test our proposed solution to ensure our recommended consolidation approach will provide the greatest outcome and ultimate customer success.

For more information, please get in contact with us and look forward to starting your migration journey with us!

Samer Hauqe

Solutions Manager

Samer is one of a few consultants worldwide to have worked with such a wide variety of migration toolsets, making his knowledge of the market unrivalled. He has been involved in the delivery of more than 120 email archive migrations, including leading several multinational projects for organisations with more than 100,000 seats.